Thursday, June 23, 2011

We've moved!!!

Blog addresses, that is.  

LOL!  Did you think we would move from our roomy two-bedroom apartment???  LOL!  You're so funny.  :)

Our new address is: (that's "finding simple joys" without any spaces).

I decided to take our first and last names out of the blog address...Sorry for any inconvenience.  (trust was inconvenient for me, too...I couldn't get anything to export/import properly, so I just changed the blog all the links are broken.  SHUCKS!) 

Be sure to change the address in your browser bookmarks, reader, and any other means you use to 'follow' us.  :)

And when we DO finally move from our apartment, we'll be sure to let you all know!!!  With a GREAT BIG PARTY or something fabulous like that to celebrate!!!

I look forward to hearing from you over at "Finding Simple Joys"  ♥